With over 40 years of combined legal experience, Attorneys Vecchio & Vegh have represented their clients in a wide range of legal matters. While their successes have been many, here are a few noteworthy cases.

Foster Child vs. County Children’s Services:  We represented a young man who, after being removed from his home because he was being abused by his father, was negligently placed in the foster home of a pedophile.  The case received local and national attention and resulted in a book. $1.5 million settlement

Mother vs. Landlord and Medical Center:  The absence of smoke detectors in a rental property caused a fire and the deaths of four children.  The pregnant mother survived but sustained massive burns.  After giving birth, the mother died because the doctors failed to diagnose pneumonia.  Successful civil actions were brought against the landlord and hospital. $2 million settlement

Medical Supplier vs. Fortune 500 Company:  We filed a civil action against a Fortune 500 Corporation on behalf of a medical supplier which was resolved in favor of the medical supplier. $1.2 million settlement

Patron v. ABC Tavern:  The ABC Tavern continued to serve alcohol to an already intoxicated employee who, upon leaving the bar, drove onto the sidewalk and struck a patron.  A successful civil action was brought against both the drunk driver and the tavern.

Gutter Installer vs. Utility Company:  While working on installing new gutters at an apartment complex, an installer suffered severe burns and paralyzing injuries because the utility lines were improperly placed.  Vecchio & Vegh successfully sued the utility company.  $1.9 million settlement

Retired Man vs. State Agency:  The State Agency improperly designed a roadway culvert which resulted in the death of a retired man.  Vecchio & Vegh successfully represented the family against the State.

Doe vs. Electrical Contractor:  Intentional tort case.  An electrician was required to work on a live, high voltage electrical panel that exploded.  Suit was filed and resulted in a large settlement for our client. $2.1 million settlement

Utility Worker vs. Builder:  A Utility Company employee suffered lumbar disc injuries because a builder failed to cover or warn him of the snow covered hole. *The jury verdict was cited as the Ohio Trial Reporter Verdict of the Month. $628,000 verdict

Driver vs. Smith & Regressive Insurance Company:  Multiple car motor vehicle accident. Liability and causal connection of injuries challenged.  The jury verdict was the largest personal injury verdict in Richland County that year. 

Student v. School District:  A high school coach molested a ninth grade female student.  He had been accused of molesting a student previously but the authorities had not been contacted as required by law.  The case went to the Ohio Supreme Court and resulted in a victory that is being cited in similar cases around the country. 

*To protect the privacy of our clients, fictitious names have been used.